Using LogicLoop and Materialize with dbt and Redpanda/Kafka



Starting the demo project

# Clone the repository:
git clone
# Access the directory:
cd materialize-tutorials/mz-user-reviews-dbt-demo
# Start by running the Redpanda container:
docker-compose up -d redpanda
# Build the images:
docker-compose build
# Then pull all of the other Docker images:
docker-compose pull
# Finally, start all of the services:
docker-compose up -d
# Install dbt:
pip3 install dbt-core==1.1.0
pip3 install dbt-materialize==1.1.0
type: materialize
threads: 1
host: localhost
port: 6875
user: materialize
pass: pass
dbname: materialize
schema: analytics
target: dev
dbt debug
dbt run
dbt test


Add Materialize as a source to LogicLoop

Add an action destination

Create a rule

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM analytics.vipusersbadreviews;
SELECT * FROM analytics.vipusersbadreviews LIMIT 10;

Add an action


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